CDI, Paris

We are looking for a Quality Assurance manager to work on our financial software dedicated to risk management and to ensure that all sprints will end up with a demo that passes all acceptance criteria.

The missions of the position will be divided as follows:

  • 50% : design and integrate the automated test suite into the CI system
  • 20% : ensure that all features pass the UAT
  • 20% : define and maintain the test cases
  • 10% : participate to sprint reviews and retrospectives

The Quality Assurance manager will also make demo of the solution and review the requirements and the use cases.

Remuneration variable according experience.


Please send your resume to careers(at)


  • Master’s degree or equivalent work experience or certification
  • 4 years related experience in designing test plans for agile development cycle
  • Jenkins or equivalent CI platform
  • Strong expertise in front end application testing automation (AngularJS/protractor jasmine or equivalent)
  • Strong expertise in stress testing backend Restful API (jmeter)
  • Testing of cloud based application (cloudfoundry or equivalent)
  • Optionally: understanding of risk management logic and clients stakes
  • Project management skills to contribute to the work within the team
  • Good abstraction reasoning for capturing the global picture

The Quality Assurance manager should understand the full stack and will have to tackle with demanding functional and performance requirements.