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Riskdata All-in-one solution

All-in-one for:

Riskdata Interactive risk management

Risk managers

Riskdata Regulatory Reporting

Fund managers

Riskdata Hedge Fund Profiling for Funds of Funds

Hedge Fund analysts

All-in-one Solution

Riskdata makes asset manager’s life easier by providing:

  • All the data needed for risk calculation,
  • Real-time risk analytics for cross-asset portfolios,
  • A first-class reporting engine,
  • Cloud and local solutions


  • Risk managers,
  • Fund managers,
  • Hedge Funds analysts.


Riskdata computes and gathers all risk indicators needed to comply with regulatory requirements (UCITS, AIFM, P/F form…) in standard reports. Risk managers can also create their own custom reports to communicate internally or to investors.

Because risk management is not just about studying static reports or calculating one global risk figure for the whole fund, Riskdata allows risk managers to be proactive by understanding precisely where the risk is coming from.

Risk managers in boutique Hedge Funds

Small structures like boutique Hedge Funds don’t always have enough time, money and employees to implement large IT projects. As a consequence, at Riskdata, we offer a cloud based risk management solution, up and ready to use without any implementation requirements.

Riskdata allows risk managers to be proactive by understanding precisely where the risk is coming from, because risk management is not just about studying static reports.


Thanks to its real-time computation methodology, Riskdata has always been a risk management solution praised by risk managers and fund managers. Our vision of proactive risk management illustrates the fact that risk management should not only be about filling a regulatory form but needs to be an actual concern across asset management companies.

Riskdata offers fund managers the tools they need to smoothly manage their funds under risk constraints like in a risk parity fund for instance. In addition, because maximizing performance is a common concern among fund managers (and their investors), Riskdata Portfolio Optimizer lets them optimize their funds while complying with their risk management strategy.


When managing funds of funds, two complementary types of risk analysis can be run: a position-based analysis (when you know the composition of the underlying funds) and a return-based analysis (ba

Indeed, running a position-based risk analysis cannot disclose the whole information on the fund but only gives you a snapshot of the risk at a given point in time. Return-based analysis however is the method of choice in order to capture the fund manager’s behavior and the long-term risk of the fund. This is why we firmly believe that these two methodologies are complementary.