Fund managers

Thanks to its real-time computation methodology, Riskdata has always been a risk management solution praised by risk managers and fund managers. Our vision of proactive risk management illustrates the fact that risk management should not only be about filling a regulatory form but needs to be an actual concern across asset management companies.

Riskdata offers fund managers the tools they need to smoothly manage their funds under risk constraints like in a risk parity fund for instance. In addition, because maximizing performance is a common concern among fund managers (and their investors), Riskdata Portfolio Optimizer lets them optimize their funds while complying with their risk management strategy.

Override your fund management’s constraints

Risk constraints

Riskdata has the unique ability to compute Monte Carlo VaR and ex-ante volatility in a few seconds thus allowing you to perform real-time pre-trade checks on your VaR or volatility. This feature is especially powerful to manage funds under risk parity.

Portfolio optimizer

The high-speed solution to perform asset allocation matching your own set of constraints such as risk limits on VaR, investment constraints (on a specific strategy, sector, country…) and a custom utility function. Both standard and robust mean-variance methodologies can be used to maximize the expected performance of your fund.

Enrich your PMS

The Riskdata API gives you the ability to enrich your existing systems with our risk indicators. Thus, you can follow your risk or run pre-trade checks directly from your PMS or your OMS.