Date: one week seminar from the 22nd to the 26th of February 2016
Time: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Venue: New York City (exact place to be confirmed)

The Real World Risk Institute has been created in October 2015 with two aims:

  • Building the principles and methodology for what we call real-world rigor in decision making and codify a clear-cut way to approach risk,
  • Providing executive education courses and issue a (mini)certificate of no-BS risk management more politely called: Mini-Certificate in Real World Risk Management along the old apprenticeship model by which experienced professional teaches less-experienced professionals.
Real world risk institute

Who should attend

Risk professionals and analysts interested in how what they know applies to the real word

Professional risk takers willing to gain perspective and understand how to use the research without falling into model error

Executives/decision makers… literally any risk taker with some technical understanding


The workshop will last one week but two options can be chosen:

  • 2 day program which is standalone but the mini-certificate is not provided.
  • 5 day program which adds 3 days of deeper and more complete coverage of the topics and delivers the mini-certificate.

To register or to have more information please visit the dedicated website: or contact Alicia Bentham-Williams (


Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a (former) option trader, now self-owned scholar who engages in a multidisciplinary no-nonsense approach to probability. He is known for his BS-busting, his intolerance for fake research and his multivolume Incerto (The Black Swan, Antifragile, and Fooled by Randomness). He has completed 600,000 option trades and now specializes in the mitigation of tail risk.

Robert J. Frey is an applied mathematician of the no-nonsense variety, hedge fund trader and former partner of Renaissance Technologies. Currently runs a fund of hedge funds and professor at Stony Brook.

Raphael Douady is the Frey Family Chair Professor (the same Frey as above) in the applied mathematics department at Stony Brook; he has two decades experience as a quant and co-founder of Riskdata.

Svetlozar (Zari) Rachev is one of the world’s foremost authorities in applications of heavy-tailed distributions in both theory and practice as founder of software firms. He has supervised over 50 PhD students and authored more than 20 books and 300 research papers.

Stoyan Stoyanov, expert in high frequency data, professor at Stony Brook who also specializes in applications of heavy-tailed distributions.

Aaron Kim, former software architect and data scientist, professor at Stony Brook who (by some coincidence) also specializes in applications of heavy-tailed distributions.