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Riskdata All-in-one solution



You have it all and for all asset classes

Riskdata Interactive risk management

Risk Management

The keystone to an efficient risk management strategy

Riskdata Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

Riskdata makes regulatory reporting easy as 1,2,3

Riskdata Hedge Fund Profiling for Funds of Funds

Hedge Fund Profiling

Risk profiling of Hedge Fund for Fund of Hedge Funds

All-in-one Solution

You have it all and for all asset classes

Riskdata models the risk of hybrid portfolios containing the following asset classes and instruments:

  • Equity
  • Fixed-Income
  • Credit
  • Inflation
  • Convertibles
  • External Funds
  • FX
  • Vanilla or Exotic derivatives


The keystone to building an efficient risk management strategy

Risk is not just about studying static reports or calculating one global risk figure for the whole fund. Proactive risk management is about understanding precisely where the risk is coming from. Therefore, you need to drill down into your portfolio strategies and even positions to measure their contribution to risk. This is what Riskdata offers you thanks to its unique interactive capabilities.

In addition, risk management is not just about risk managers ; fund managers and quantitative analysts need to be involved as well. Riskdata is used by all these players because it has been adapted to their constraints and their universe.

Riskdata is the interactive risk management solution par excellence.

Regulatory Reporting

Riskdata makes it easy as 1,2,3

Each regulatory evolution demands: more data to gather, additional risk reports to generate and new processes to implement. So the need for an integrated risk solution becomes more urgent.

Riskdata provides you with a complete solution to manage regulatory risk reporting. Flexible and quick to implement, our system makes it easy to analyze risk since it gathers all key features needed for risk management. Risk indicators are calculated in real-time with state-of-the-art mathematical methodologies. These capabilities are leveraged by the reporting module which allows you to edit your UCITS, AIFM, Form P/F reports and to create your own custom reports according to your needs.


Risk profiling of Hedge Fund for Fund of Hedge Funds

When managing fund of hedge funds, two complementary types of risk analysis can be run: a position-based analysis and a return-based analysis (based on historical NAVs of hedge fund).

Riskdata allows you to run both types of analysis in the Hedge Fund Profiling module.