Risk  Management

The  keystone  to  building  an  efficient  risk  management  strategy

Risk is not just about studying static reports or calculating one global risk figure for the whole fund. Proactive risk management is about understanding precisely where the risk is coming from. Therefore, you need to drill down into your portfolio strategies and even positions to measure their contribution to risk. This is what Riskdata offers you thanks to its “real-time” technology.

In addition, risk management is not just about risk managers ; fund managers and quantitative analysts need to be involved as well. Riskdata is used by all these players because it has been adapted to their constraints and their universe.

Riskdata is the interactive risk management solution par excellence.


Riskdata has the unique ability to compute Monte Carlo VaR and ex-ante volatility in a few seconds for any fund (even if a portfolio has just been created).


Calculating a global risk figure for your portfolio is not enough to understand where the risk is coming from. This is why Riskdata offers the ability to compute the contribution to any risk indicator by position or by any aggregate (sector, maturity bucket, custom criteria…).


Riskdata allows you to re-calculate any risk indicator after you change your allocation or add a new position (listed or OTC). Typically, it is used by fund managers to perform pre-trade checks on the VaR or on volatility.


We didn’t forget Excel lovers: we have created an Excel add-in to call Riskdata’s formulas and calculations directly from the Excel spreadsheet without any additional development.


The Riskdata API offers you the ability to enrich your existing systems with our risk indicators. Thus, fund managers can follow their risk or run pre-trade checks directly from their PMS or OMS.