Riskdata  makes  it  easy  as  1,2,3

Each regulatory evolution demands: more data to gather, additional risk reports to generate and new processes to implement. So the need for an integrated risk solution becomes more urgent.

Riskdata provides you with a complete solution to manage regulatory risk reporting. Flexible and quick to implement, our system makes it easy to analyze risk since it gathers all key features needed for risk management. Risk indicators are calculated in real-time with state-of-the-art mathematical methodologies. These capabilities are leveraged by the reporting module which allows you to edit your UCITS, AIFM, Form P/F reports and to create your own custom reports according to your needs.

Riskdata’s  Data

All data needed for risk analytics’ calculation is collected and cleansed daily by our in-house data management team.

Easy  to  Implement

Riskdata can be fully implemented and ready-to-use in less than 1 month. Contact us

Reporting  Engine

You can generate the regulatory standard reports (UCITS, AIFM, P/F…) or your custom reports, on demand (in one click) or by batch (without any click).

Off-site  and  On-site

Cloud or no cloud: that is the question. Indeed because we offer both: a cloud solution or a local installation.